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Kimbap's Journey Blog #2

The entry below was written by scarslet, who was our second Kimbap host. Please enjoy her Kimbap pictures and entry!

Kimbap made a stop in the small city of LaGrange, Georgia to visit us, scarslet & esaias122, just in time to help us have our new baby! She came with us on our hospital trip and we were very happy to have her with us.

The night before: Kimbap and Omega contemplate together what a new baby might mean.

Kimbap rides in esaias's pocket on the way to the hospital. She had a front row seat the entire time and we were happy to have her company.

It was late when they got everything underway, so Kimbap snuck a little of esaias's coke. Mmm, caffeine. We're in for a loooong night.

I was having some really bad labor pains, so Kimbap decided to make me feel better. She swears that it was just a coincidence that my still pregnant tummy made the perfect Kimbap-sized chair. ;-)

It's a boy! NoahsArk was born at 9 pounds, 8 ounces. They were instant friends.

After we healed up a bit and baby Noah was old enough to head out and see the sights, we took Kimbap around to see our small town.

One of the things we love about LaGrange is its historical downtown. Many of the shops haven't changed structurally since they were built!

Beautiful trees and architecture. Kimbap approved.

The LaGrange movie theatre. Esaias and I saw Spiderman 3 and Transformers here. Kimbap didn't get to watch any movies, but she liked it here anyway.

One of the biggest churches in town, right on the square. I've always loved the way its built.

LaGrange Art Museum...this little place actually gets tons of showings from all around the world. Kimbap really wanted to go check it out. Pink sign? Of course they were made for each other!

Statue of Lafayette. This statue is in the middle of our town square, and is surrounded by a fountain that is absolutely beautiful when running. At Christmastime, lights are strewn around all the trees and looks just like a winter wonderland...without the snow. :lol:

Dedication of the statue.

The park, from what we understand, was built in honor of Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. The Callaways are basically [b]The[/b] local family. We're even near Callaway Gardens, one of the hottest tourist spots in the Southeast US.

Kimbap checked out the country station, 102.3.

Then she trotted along the Promenade, to our parking spot.

And last but not least, Kimbap led us to a new sight: the Callaway Memorial Tower. Straight from our city's website:

"Monument to textile magnate was built in 1929 and is patterned after the Campanile of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy."

Hopefully Kimbap enjoyed staying with us as much as we liked having her! She's been sent off to her next adventure and we can't wait to hear what she's up to now. :)