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What's New! May 23, 2008

GoPets Renaissance Faire
It's another great week at the GoPets Renaissance Faire with even more items to offer! Now you can create your very own moat around your castle, or dress your pets up in princely attire. And no prince is complete without his white steed!

Shimmering Water TileRoyal Prince Costume (Panda)
GoCatapultWhite Steed

GoCommunity Spotlight

Our traveling plushie, Kimbap, is continuing her journey! Come see her adventures with scarslet in the forums!!">

Also, don't forget that you, too, can help celebrate the spirit of Kimbap! Join our forum contest and show off your hometown.

You may have noticed a piece of armor missing from last week's Regal Green Knight Armor set. Never fear, our first and only customizable shield is here! Where can you obtain this item?
Black Spider

GoPets User Spotlight
This week, we are showcasing another excellent medieval land. Welcome to Pootledom Castle, where Pootlecat reigns! Truly an inspiration to those who have older decoration items and wish to incorporate them with our new Renaissance decor.

Step through the entrance, but make sure you're nice to the guards!

Breathtaking! That dragon is perfect!

Thank you, Pootlecat, for letting us show the GoWorld your wonderful land! Drop by 249x, 235y to check it out yourself.