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traveling the world one pet at a time

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GoPets is a global community composed of real people and virtual pets. Each GoPet is a unique 3D companion that makes its home on its owner’s desktop. GoPets are not restricted to a single computer, however -- when they feel like wandering, they leave home and visit the desktops of other GoPets users. In their travels, GoPets visit their owners’ friends and families, as well as introducing their owners to other GoPets members who share similar interests.

On the GoPets Internet community site (www.gopets.net) GoPets owners can send each other messages, post blogs, and (perhaps most importantly!) pick out cool swag for their pets. Want a stylish red blazer? No problem! How about a bow for that long kitty tail? And what about -- my personal favorite -- a full suit of samurai armor? Don't forget to feed your pet -- in the Mall you will also find everything from apple juice to sushi to green tea ice cream, and enough goodies to fulfill every craving in between. Find all these things and more in the GoPets Shopping Network.

Visit Gopets.net today -- your pet awaits!

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